Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of care for your home?

Our base rate at Western Saddlerock Adult Family Homes is $4,150.00 with five levels of care. Each level is $200.00 more than the base rate.

Are there ways to help keep the cost down for my family member?

There are several ways to keep the cost down.
1. If your family member was a Veteran or the spouse of a Veteran then there could be as much as $2,000.00 dollars saving each month.
2. If the family member has Long Term Insurance this can be used to pay for care.
3. If he/she has a life insurance policy in some instances it can be used to pay for care.

How do I know if my family member has Long Term Insurance?

If you are not sure if they have insurance there are ways of finding out this information and we can assist with this.

How can you use a life insurance policy to pay for care?

Sometimes you can do something similar to a reverse mortgage. We do not personally do this, but have a company that can assist with this matter.

Do you take state/Medicaid?

In certain situations we can take state if the family can assist with the difference in cost.

What type of staffing do you have for your homes?

At Western Saddlerock Adult Family Homes, we have a full time Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, and Certified Nursing Assistances’ to provide the care.

Do you have any type of religious environment in your homes?

Yes, We are a Christian Environment that offers spiritual advice or direction upon request. We have never pushed our beliefs on any resident in our home. It is the right of the resident to have their own religious beliefs and they will be respected by all staff. If they wish to have someone read the Bible to them or Pray with them we will also honor their request.

Is your staff awake at night?

Yes, staff is awake to take care of all needs of the residents.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business for nearly 12 years.

What are the qualifications of the provider?

The provider, Kevin Key, received his Social Work degree in 1991 from Vennard College.

What if my loved one is diabetic?

We can take diabetic residents including those that require assistance with insulin.

What about meals?

We have menus that are tailored to meet the needs of the residents. Whether it is to assist in monitoring glucose levels, weight control, food allergies, necessity to alter meals due to religious beliefs, and glucose intolerance.

What makes an Adult Family Home different from Assisted Livings and Nursing Homes?

Adult Family Homes can have only 6 residents at any given time. This means that the ratio of staff to resident is 6 to 1. We have more time to assist the residents with their personal needs in a family setting.

What do you do for the resident?

We assist with all personal needs. Each resident has specific needs and their care plan will spell out to staff exactly what they are to do to help meet the resident’s needs.

Who does the assessment?

Either the Nurse or the Social Worker will do the assessment. They will sit down with the resident and family to ask lots of question about social, medical, and care needs. Then they will put together a Negotiate Care Plan that addressed the residents care needs.

What does the assessment cost?

Cost is $250.00 for a completed assessment.

What sets you apart from the other homes in the area?

The best way to answer that is to list our differences.
1. Full time Licensed Nurse on staff.
2. Full time Licensed Practical Nurse.
3. Part time Activity Director.
4. Very large private rooms.
5. Best view in the valley.
6. One house has security alarms and a secure back yard for resident safety.